who am I?

My name is Kilian Semmelmann and I'm on my way to become a (Cognitive) Scientist. I finished my Bachelor of Science at the University of Osnabrück in Cognitive Science and am currently conducting my Master's in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology at the Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität in Munich.

what am I doing?

Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary study of the brain; starting from biological processes over psychological definitions to the attempt to simulate or at the end even emulate brain functions through computer science and artificial intelligence. consequently, it consists of several modules, whereas in Osnabrüc the following categorization is provided: Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Neurobiology, Neuroinformatics, Philosophy, Psychology.

during my Bachelor's I concentrated on the psycho-/biological track of Cognitive Science and therefore will conduct further research in this field: trying to investigate brain functions, anatomy and response patterns through several methods like fMRI, EEG, eye-tracking and TMS. I wrote my Bachelor's Thesis in the NeuroBioPsychology-lab under the supervision of Prof. Dr. med. Peter König, titled 'Modeling Human Hierarchical Visual Attention Through Adaptive Saliency Maps'.

in 2010 I was doing an internship at MIT, in the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, at Kanwisher Lab. we worked on several projects, one of them was a study about the development of Autism over age and the differences between the groups in perceptual, memory and attentional manners - the so-called 'Ellison Project'. the other field was research regarding the STS, more specifically regarding the processing of social interactions in using biological motion-stimuli (abstract).
while back in Germany my supervisors Dr. Sarah Weigelt, Dr. Kami Koldewyn and I are still working together on the web-study face2face about Autism and other projects.

in 2011 I visited the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience at UC San Diego to introduce the feelSpace-belt from Osnabrück to the paradigm of Dr. Klaus Gramann regarding spatial reference frames. the feelSpace belt generally consists of many small vibro-motors which vibrate where North is - and therefore provide additional information about the environment through tactile stimulation, sometimes called "a sixth sense". we wanted to find out whether we can change the perception of spatial orientation through additional sensory integration.

since fall of 2011, I am studying Neuro-Cognitive Psychology at LMU and working a lot with paradigms of visual attention and visual search. more specifically, my supervisor Dr. Michael Zehetleitner and I are working on developing a suitable paradigm to evaluate the spatial and temporal course of visual attention.

during the summer of 2012 I visited the Visual Attention Lab of Prof. Jeremy Wolfe at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, for a research project. since then, I am a research trainee at his lab and I have developed and implemented an experiment that combines the approach of investigating visual search in terms of foraging theory to find out when humans give up search in tasks. the online version of it is my Master's project and can be found here: search.partners.org/mapforaging - give it a try! it only takes 30 Minutes.

what else?

well, I am pretty much into webdesign/-technologies and try to integrate this interest in my research. over my affinity for the internet and programming, I also acquired the knowledge to handle a couple of programming languages and therefore like to program smaller sites or tools. furthermore, I am preparing for the upcoming Zombie-Apocalypse and try to convince other people to do so as well - with not much success, to be honest. nevertheless I am a proud member of the Zombie Research Society, to further our knowledge about possible scenarios on the one, knowledge about my own strategies on the other hand. (always be prepared.)

and now?

now you know most of what there is to know about me and you may proceed and either leave the page or click on "contact". if it's the former: so long and thanks for all the fish.